Review: Disney Princess Deluxe Music Player & Storybook

Prima has gotten bit by the Disney princess bug, so Thomas and the Backyardigans have a little competition in our house.  After the jump, I’ll share a review about our latest Princess acquisition.

I’m signed up for the Amazon Vine program, which means that every month I get my pick of items to review. When I saw the Disney Princess Deluxe Music Player: Storybook with Docking Station on the list, I knew I had to give it a shot.

Obviously this isn’t WAR AND PEACE here, but it’s a nice enough book to read with your princess-obsessed toddler. Adding the music players makes it even more interactive, though, as with anything that makes noise, be ready to hear these songs again, and again, and again, and again, and…you get the point.

There are three stories featuring Cinderella, Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) and Rapunzel, and odds are your kid will be really into one of them and not so much into the others. Right now we’re into everything Belle, so I’m most familiar with her story. It’s set during a time when Belle is living happily at the castle, but the Beast is still the Beast and Lumiere, etc, are still in their weird object forms. So you might get a few questions about why they’re back in their enchanted form…or many questions about why they’re back in their enchanted form. Now might be the time to remind yourself, in the words of Joel Hodgson, “It’s just a show…I really should just relax.”

As with anything in this category, this book is going to give you as much pleasure as it gives your kid(s). Mine really likes it, so I give it high marks.

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