Toy Review: Winkel Activity Toy

Babies are tough to shop for. They can’t really tell you what they’d like, and if they don’t like something, you can’t really market it to them. The best you can do is pick something that looks good and hope they like it. After the jump, I’ll review the Winkel Activity Toy.

winkel activity toy
Winkel Activity Toy

As you can see, this toy, made by Manhattan Toy (which, according to the box, is based in Minneapolis and London; the toy itself was made in China), is basically a mass of tubes connected to an inner cube. The cube in this picture is red with orange polka dots; the one I’ve got is white with diagonal black stripes–very 80s looking. The tube colors are also slightly different.

Secunda, who is currently just over seven months old, recently got this as a gift. Unlike a lot of gifts that aren’t a) paper, which apparently tastes much better than baby food since she loves to chew on it, or b) an empty cardboard box, she seems to really like this one. She seems fascinated by the rubber loopy tube things and enjoys both manipulating it and chewing on it.

That’s an approved use, too–it’s even recommended that you refrigerate your Winkel to make it an even better teething aid.

And if that’s not enough, it even rattles when you shake it. So the Winkel is bound to engage your infant on at least four levels: it’s colorful and visually appealing; it’s fun to grab; it makes a (mercifully soft) sound; and it is fun to chew on.

All of which are ample reason to give this one the thumbs up.

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