Toy Review: Orbium Deluxe 100 Piece Wooden Train Track Expansion Pack Set

Little kids love trains. Prima has, for more than a year, been hugely into Thomas and all of his friends. The official Thomas Wooden Railway pieces can be very, very pricey–well over a dollar per piece of wooden track. So, wanting to build a complicated enough recreation of the Island of Sodor at home without breaking the bank, I looked at some alternatives.

Deluxe 100 Piece Wooden Train Track Expansion Pack Set
Deluxe 100 Piece Wooden Train Track Expansion Pack Set

The result has been a mishmash, with us getting tracks and expansions whenever they seemed like a good deal. So far, we’ve put together a nice mash-up of wooden track train sets, with Ikea, Thomas, Brio, and now this set co-existing nicely (even though the Ikea pieces can be a bit of a tight fit with other tracks).

These pieces are study and are all wood, which is nice. You get a ton of different pieces for a pretty nice price. There’s even a little intersection piece, which is something I haven’t seen before. Basically, this set will let you do just about anything you want with a wooden train track. If you want to get very ambitious, you can even build a double-height bridge.

My advice is to use this as your base, since it’s got all of the basic pieces, and acquire the fancier add-on pieces, like Cranky or the conductor’s set, as you can.

It doesn’t seem to be available on Amazon right now, but hopefully it comes back into stock–this is a great value.

Orbium Deluxe 100 Piece Wooden Train Track Set on Amazon

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