Clothing Review: Baby Lulu Pink Coral Double Sleeve Dress

I love shopping for our two daughters a lot. It’s sometimes more fun than shopping for myself because everything fits like it’s supposed to. Dresses are really fun to shop for, which is a good thing, because Prima likes to wear them more than anything else.

One of my recent acquisitions is Baby Lulu’s pink coral double sleeve dress. Pink because Prima can always be counted on to go along with a pink dress, but also because it’s universally flattering. This pink is exceptionally nice though because it’s a very happy shade–not too pale not too Barbie, and definitely not too Pepto Bismol. It also has quite a bit of green in it which is a nice contrast.

Pink Floral Double Sleeve Dress
Pink Coral Double Sleeve Dress

This was my first Baby Lulu purchase and I’m very happy with the quality of the product. The cotton is a medium light weight and is very soft. The details on the dress are what really sell it, though. Among those details are puff sleeves that really puff and embroidered flowers along the neckline. The hem is of a contrasting print which is my favorite selling point since it makes it look much more sophisticated than most toddler clothes. I bought one size up but didn’t need to as it fits loosely on Prima who is a couple months away from her next birthday.

I picked it up on, where it was a steal at $19.99. Prima likes it, I like it, and I’ll probably be picking up more Baby Lulu in the future.

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