Clothes: Naartjie Retro Rose Henley Dress

I often get the question, “What’s she wearing?” when someone sees one of our daughters out and about.

“Naartjie,” I say, more often than not.

“What’s that?” is the inevitable reply.

“Naartjie” I’ll say again. And then I’ll explain.Naartjie Retro Rose Henley Dress

Pronounced Nar-chee, Naartjie is a South African based company that specializes in boys and girls clothes that are fun everyday wear. Although they are expanding across the country, they have yet to open a store in Nevada. So these days, I do most of my Naartjie shopping online.

If your curious, Naartjie is an Afrikaans word for “a small, sweet citrus fruit” that’s found in Africa. That might be confusing if you were in South Africa and were feeling hungry, but if you’re in the U.S., it just means a line of children’s clothes.

My favorite thing about Naartjie is how they mix prints. In the Retro Rose Henley Dress, this is a bit subdued, with the contrast print ruffled under the skirt. Still, the dress is playful with its inset long sleeve and double layered skirt. This is often the first dress Prima pulls out of the closet after laundry day, and she usually gets compliments when she wears it.

I usually pair these dresses with one of several coordinating leggings offered within each new line. With toddler and baby styles this is sometimes a nuisance because their dresses do not come with diaper covers. It’s a small price to pay for incredibly cute clothes that are reasonably priced. And since there is no store in Vegas, I rarely have the problem of seeing the same dress on another girl!

As far as comfort goes, Prima seems to find this dress easy to run, jump, and scamper around in. It washes well, having survived several spills, stains, and other typical toddler hazards.

Even better, it’s under $20 on Amazon right now.

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  1. 702PrincessPea1 says:

    Mrs. Viva & my sister-in-law (a native South African) turned me onto Naartjie! This brand launders well and my toddler looks super cute in their mix and match ensembles. Thanks for the info.! I’m ordering MORE…

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