Clothes: Disney’s Princess Belle Dress

In honor of Beauty and the Beast being re-released (in 3D, no less), I thought I’d write a review of Prima’s end-all be-all favorite dress ever: Disney’s Princess Belle Dress.Belle's Dress

Yes, this was originally a Halloween costume, but Prima’s actually had cause to wear it several times. When you’re three, you get invited to a lot more princess-themed birthday parties than you do when you’re older, and this has made the question of what to wear an easy one to answer.
Yesterday she even wore it to a Beauty and the Beast tea party at the Green Valley Library.
Yes, there are cheaper versions of this dress out there. However, the quality of this one outmatches the rest.  From its multiple layers of fabric to the accented roses, this dress has held up under toddler duress over and over again.  I’m even counting on it surviving to be one of Segunda’s favorite’s as well.
 The only fallout is the glitter. In the beginning it was everywhere–the car, the living room, the dining-room table. How it stuck to the bathtub I’m not sure, but suffice to say the stuff spread around just about everywhere. Some people at work even thought Dr. Viva was hanging out at strip clubs because he was coming in doused with glitter.
Even the official product description says “During handling and play this garment may release particles of glitter.”
After a few wears though, the sparkle seems to be staying put on the dress. Problem solved.
All the girls I saw last Halloween were cute in their costumes but I received many, many compliments on Prima’s version of Belle’s dress. At her age, play-acting is very important, and this gives her a chance to play at being Belle for a little while. She’s happy, which makes us happy.
So if you’ve got a little Belle-a-holic in the family, Disney’s Princess Belle Dress makes a great gift both for the Halloween party season but also for the princess-themed events that, you’ll learn like we did, take place all year long.

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