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A while ago, Dr. Viva’s co-worker wanted to buy Prima a present from Zulily. Not being familiar with the site, and honestly, a little worried as to what kind of gift we’d be expecting, I checked it out for myself.


Zulily is an online store offering daily events on a variety of baby-kid-and mom products. Everyday a new list of sellers is provided to search and shop. It’s free to sign up so there’s really no risk in taking a look. Prices are well below that of retail- but to be fair- what you’re seeing is not new arrivals.
Still I have found a multitude of items that I have fallen in love with- and more importantly- have become exposed to many designers and brands that have become my absolute new favorites.

One of those brands is Zaza Couture. Zaza Couture uses contemporary European fabrics to make beautiful girls dresses. They use a lot of bold colors and creatively mix patterns resulting in a product that truly stands out.
The day Zaza Couture was on Zulily, I became a fan. I actually had a hard time deciding which dress to buy and could easily have created a dent in the Viva family’s checking account were it not for some serious restraining.
I bought the Los Angeles dress because of its punchy colors. It’s a got a chartreuse top and multi-colored skirt that twirls when Prima spins in it. It is usually the first dress worn after laundry day because it is so eye-catching even Prima knows it’s unique. I wash it inside out in cold water and line dry so the colors stay as saturated as when I got it.
Some research proved the Los Angeles dress to be from the fall/winter 2008/2009 collection which proves Zulily isn’t posting the most current stuff. But the price was at least half of what the latest collection would have cost so I’m not complaining. In fact now I keep an  eye out for their next event!
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