Toy Review: Stacking Cups

These are the Stacking Cups made by green toys, which were a gift for Secunda, who’s 9

months old now. She really, really likes these cups. As with all toys for kids of this age, it’s impossible for us to tell her exactly what she likes about them, but I’ll throw out a few guesses.

First, they are well-proportioned for infants. They aren’t so big that babies can’t manipulate them, and they aren’t so small that they can swallow them, so parents can let them play with them without too much anxiety.

Second, the colors are nice–kind of washed-out pastels, which makes them a little less jarring than the usual over-saturated kids’ toys. It’s a nice change, and one that probably makes the Stacking Cups look a lot more sophisticated than they really are.

Third, it’s really, really fun to knock things down. In addition to stacking the cups inside of each other, you can stack them on top of each other, making a mini Tower of Babel. Your young one will delight in smashing it into its constituent cups. It’s also a fun game for the parent: you can see how many cups you can stack before your baby knocks them down.

They aren’t prohibitively expensive ($8.99 on amazon right now), and they are the kind of toy that you can get a lot of mileage out of. They’ve been fascinating the Viva household for a few weeks now. Even though the appeal of stacking cups might not be apparent to adults, I can verify that at least one baby and one toddler I know find them fascinating, and I’ve got to confess that I get a kick out of playing with them too.

Best part of all? They don’t make any noise, and they’re big enough that they won’t get scattered throughout the house and lost. I highly recommend Stacking Cups, since they’re going to give your little one hours of fun and not drive you crazy.

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