Clothes: Keedo Special Peach Magenta Embroidered Dress

While browsing around on Zulily (see the Zaza Couture review for the low down on that site) a while ago, I discovered a brand called Keedo.  I liked their playful prints and saturated colors but there wasn’t much on sale that day.

So I did some research on the brand. Turns out they, like Naartjie (another favorite), are also based out of South Africa.  There must be some very well dressed kids walking around Cape Town.  According to their website, Keedo’s clothes “blend imagination, comfort and style to create functional and fashionable designer clothes for thousands of kids.” They are inspired by nature and focused on respect and care for the planet, which is a plus.

Thanks to some quick googling, I found Keedo’s South Africa-based website, which had plenty of oh-so-cute clothes. There are two problems for North American moms, though. First, their seasons are opposite ours, so when we need cold-weather clothes they are focused on summer. Second, they don’t whip overseas, so even if you wanted to buy from them, you couldn’t.

There’s some good news, though: There is a Keedo USA website, but their shopping cart hasn’t gone. live since I discovered it in November. I don’t know exactly why this is, but I suspect it has something to do with customs and getting a license to sell internationally.

You can, however, call their brick and mortar store (which is in Holliston, Massachusetts) and buy something over the phone.

OR you can find a deal online. Amazon has a small selection of Keedo clothes. I found this Special Peach Magenta Embroidered Dressdress, the Special Magenta Peach Embroidered Dress, on And it’s on clearance right now for $24 from $58. I’ve actually been eyeing it for months eagerly waiting its reduction. Just seeing the picture you can tell it’s gorgeous. The colors are eye-catching and I haven’t seen a design quite like this before.

When I got it, I noticed that it did remind me of something nature inspired- the orange overlay kind of looks like a bug’s wings! That might sound kinda undesirable but it’s a beautiful dress that Prima took to immediately and has already received compliments on.

So, even though I would call this brand “hard to find” I would also call it worth the effort!

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  1. Hi there, so pleased you love the Keedo brand ! We have a UK online store and post regularly to America with some very reasonable shipping rates – check out
    We love Keedo !!

  2. Thanks so much for the review – please do not hesitate to email me if there is a Keedo outfit you just have to have – We ate Keedo in Cape Town will do our best to make a plan

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