Clothes: Hannah Banana Dress

I know I’ve been talking a lot about how I like to put the girls in bright colors. And generally speaking, that’s true. This dress is an exception to that rule and frankly, it’s exceptional. It’s by Hannah Banana and I found it at

A Child’s Closet is my new favorite online store for Prima and Secunda’s clothes. It’s a boutique store so everything they sell is by a designer label. Unfortunately for me, I can not afford designer labels for toddler wear. Fortunately for me, everything eventually goes on sale. And so that’s how I buy my girls really great clothes at prices I can live with. They often have sales where the prices can go as low as 65% off retail. Trust me this is worth taking a look at because really awesome deals sell out fast. They have boy clothes too, but to be honest I never more than glance at them since I have two girls.

So on this fabulous site, are many many brands to choose from. One that I have come to love is Hannah Banana which has a couple of lines: Truly Me and Baby Sara. I could fill Prima’s closet with these dresses because they are really beautiful. So pretty, I would wear them if they were in my size.

The one I’ve chosen to review, the gray multi-print layered fabric and faux lace print, caught my eye well before it ever went on sale because, although not vibrantly colored, the hannah bananatiers of mixed fabrics is stunning. The cuffs are interesting too as well as the faux lace print on the sleeves and dress. This is a unique look that I had Prima pair with black leggings and flats to see the Fresh Beat Band Live because it just looked so cool.

As Spring approaches, look for my reviews on all the great spring/summer dresses that Prima has been itching to wear!!

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  1. Homa says:

    This a new to me brand but the outfit is adorable! I especially like the colors.

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