Clothes: Zaza Couture Eagle Dress

When I was shopping for summer clothes for my girls last winter, (yes, you read that right) I came upon this Zaza Couture halter dress. I understand that from some perspectives a halter dress for a toddler might seem inappropriate. And maybe living in Las Vegas has affected my perceptions but—this dress is FLIPPIN’ CUTE!!!Zaza Eagle dress

A Child’s Closet, my favorite online kids’ boutique, calls Zaza Couture’s “Eagle” line halter dress “perfect for summer”, and it is. Although the “Eagle” line was a part of last summer’s bird collection from Zaza, the dress is still amazing.

It is as I’ve mentioned a halter dress that is also a maxi (it hits Prima mid-calf) and made of blue, pink, and cranberry stripes with coordinating florals of the same colors. The halter has a tie-back so it’s adjustable and the neckline has very cute pompoms which are such a fun detail on a little girl’s dress that they balance out the “sexiness” of the halter.

I think the halter is so cute because I love seeing Prima’s shoulders in a summer dress. But what I like very much about the way this dress fits her, is that the back doesn’t sag. Zaza Couture’s sizing gives the option of a 4T or 4Y. I went with the 4T, as it is a little smaller and therefor snugger in a dress style like this one.

The material is very soft cotton with 1% elastane and is probably another reason it sits on her so well. Like all her dresses, I wash them in cold water and lay flat to dry to keep the colors so bright and the materials from pilling. Although it’s still new, I don’t see any problems there.

I know that buying on-line is a risk that some parents don’t like when shopping for themselves or their kids. My advice is to find brands that you can trust and shop those on-line. Zaza Couture is definitely one of those I recommend to not let you down.

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