Clothes: Zaza Couture Robin Babydoll Dress

Spring is almost here and everyday Prima asks me if it’s a warm enough day to wear her new dresses. As it’s been so nice out, it’s hard to refuse her requests.Robin Babyfdoll Dress

I bought this dress, the Zaza Couture “Robin” babydoll dress, when it was on clearance last December. Actually, I bought a good chunk of my daughters’ clothes last winter when my favorite website, A Child’s Closet, was liquidating the last of their summer wears. This is how I can afford boutique, designer clothes for toddlers. I highly recommend getting on their mailing list so as to be aware of sales and further markdowns!

The Zaza Couture “Robin” dress is from last summer’s line which was named after different birds.  Each category of bird has multiple dresses or outfits to choose from.  This “Robin” dress is a longer dress. It hits Prima below the knee, and uses several prints and crinkly materials in shades of red, blue, and white. Because Prima refuses anything other than dresses, it’s all I have to review, but actually pretty easy to dress her in the mornings!

I like the crinkly material because of its texture which is still soft but dimensional. It is also not meant to be ironed which works out great as I’ve always got my hands full these days! It also has sparkly threads running through the ruffles which also give it added interest.  The sleeves are fluttered and have stayed so even after a couple of washes.

Like most of Zaza Couture clothes, it’s hard to find faults- the dresses are really cute! Prima said her teacher wanted it for herself. That really isn’t too surprising; I would wear most of my daughter’s clothes if they came in my size. Am I vicariously dressing my kids? Maybe, but I won’t delve into that right now. Prima wore this dress with flats and has received compliments in and without my presence.

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