Book Review: When My Baby Dreams

Adele Enersen. When My Baby Dreams. New York: Blazer and Bray, 2012.  46 pages.

After Adele Enersen’s daughter Mila was born, Adele noticed that the baby slept a great deal. Adele, however, was so excited to be a mom that she posed her sleeping infant in a variety of tableaux depicting her dreams.

It’s much, much cuter than it sounds, and you know what? It works for me. Prima loves it too, and when we read it we both tell stories about just how baby Mila got to the point in the dream that’s captured in the photograph. It’s one way you can use the sparse text as a springboard to let your child tell you stories that relate to the photos. She loves to read and re-read (and re-read) When My Baby Dreams. That, alone, would give it a five-star ranking in my book.

By making creative use of clothing, blankets, and props, Enersen is able to create the illusion that her sleeping baby is a butterfly, an astronaut, a pink-caped super hero, and much more. The baby’s naturally adorable, but there’s a definite art to the way the photos are staged, and you have to admire Enersen’s creativity. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to create a realistic-looking Chinese dragon from some sheets, but seeing is believing.

In short, this is a fun, cute, book, that you will probably get just as much of a kick out of as your child. Highly recommended.

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