Star Trek Family Fun in Las Vegas

Has it been a year already? Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek convention, held at the Rio, starts again tomorrow.

There’s a lot of fun to be had here: the staff and the guest stars are very family friendly; one of the highlights of my first con was a conversation that Gary Lockwood (AKA Gary Mitchell from TOS: Where No Man Has Gone Before) had with my then two-year-old.

This year, there are more than 100 guests, ranging from William Shatner and several other stars of the original series to Karl Urban, Alice Eve, and many others connected with this year’s Star Trek Into Darkness.

And for all of you Janeway fans, Kate Mulgrew will grace the stage twice. It seems like most of the main casts of Voyager, DS9, and TNG will be there as well. This is the 20th anniversary of DS9, so there will be some special programming for them,

I’ve found that my kids really got a kick out of the con, mostly because of all of the people dressed up in costume. It’s really fun to watch them interact with the cosplayers, who also seem to get a kick out of it. On Saturday, the Costume Parade and an attempt to set another world record for people in Star Trek costumes take place, so if you only go for one day, that might be a good one.

In general, it’s a friendly and laid-back place to take your kids, particularly if they also like the show(s).¬†One caveat: sometimes the stars get a little…not kid-friendly with their language while they’re on stage, so you might want to think twice about having your very little ones in the front row during some of the more spirited panels.

For more information about the con, you can go here or just show up at the Rio this weekend.

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