Coming back

After quite a while (almost a year) of being busy with other projects, I’m ready to post here again. I have a few posts planned–in the past few weeks, we’ve done some fun stuff that I’d like other people to learn about.

The purpose of this blog is to help people with kids who either live in Las Vegas or who find themselves having to travel to Las Vegas with their young kids. While Las Vegas probably isn’t the first place you think of taking your kids, there are quite a few fun things to do with them here, if you have to be here with them. I see the ideal out-of-town reader as someone who is bringing their kids to Las Vegas for a family-type event (wedding, reunion, etc) and wants to find out about what they can do with their kids while they are here. As an alternative to sitting in your hotel room or just hanging around the pool (if you can find a pool that isn’t a day club), you can take a few side trips away from the Strip/Downtown–places like the CSN Planetarium or the Clark County Wetlands Park.

Basically, as the about page says, this site aims to help you insulate your kid(s) from Las Vegas, and, just as importantly, insulate Las Vegas from your kids. Because, after all, people who come here to debauch and gamble don’t necessarily want to do it in front of your young kids. In all likelihood, though, you’ll be among kindred spirits when you visit the places suggested here.

In any event, I’m looking forward to sharing some fun stuff this summer. Hope you have a safe and good time out here in Las Vegas!

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