Valley of Fire


Today, I went to Valley of Fire. I’ll tell you what it was like.balancing rock

There were lots of red rocks. Some of them were great for climbing. Some of the rocks had holes that you could go into. I climbed into a few holes and it was very fun.

If you are hungry, you could go to a picnic table to eat or bring a blanket to sit on.

There are cool things to look at like a rock balancing on a few other rocks. It is called Balancing Rock. There is also a rock that has petroglyphs on it. It
was very high up. You climb a lot of stairs to get to it.

I hope that you eventually go to Valley of Fire and see all of the outstanding things there!

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  1. YoHB says:

    The petroglyphs of the Mojave Desert are fascinating and mysterious. It is a special treat to be able to see them in situ, as they have faced the desert for hundreds of years. In addition to the tourist-accessible sites, there are numerous petroglyph sites not known to the general public, scattered throughout what is now a vast, inhospitable area–the Mojave was once cooler and dotted with lakes, where early man lived with the remnants of the Ice Age fauna. Just remember that next time it is 110 degrees out.

    Nice to see an update here. Keep them coming! 😀

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