Summer is very close. Here are some things that you might want to do over it .You might want to take a trip to a fabulous place. You might want to swim in a pool, lake, or ocean. You might want to go camping. You might even want to play video games! Well…you might want to watch a TV show too. I think that whatever you want to do you can have a nice summer.

You can do lots more things over the summer. These are just a few of the things that you can do over the very, very long, fun, and great summertime! I think that you could think of more fun things to do over the fun, great, and fabulous summer!

The Pool

This is what I can do in the pool. I swim in the pool. I play in the pool. I splash in the pool. I kick in the pool. I can teach my sister in my pool. I can ride on pool noodles in the pool. I can shoot water out of water guns. I can swim to the bottom of the pool.

I can do a lot of outstanding, awesome things in the pool. I love going in my pool!

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